America Says
All Episode in Season 1
1. Beachcombers vs. Travel Buddies 2. Kickball Team vs. Church Ladies 3. Team Renaissance vs. The Floyds 4. Co-Workers vs. Basketball Parents 5. The Walkers vs. Opera Pals 6. Co-Workers vs. Quilters 7. Dodgeballers vs. the Attars 8. Puzzlers vs. Chili Cookers 9. The Preciados vs. the Dinner Party 10. Team Tennessee vs. PTA Moms 11. Belly Dancers vs. Summer Campers 12. Flag Footballers vs. Team Cheesecake 13. Wrestlers vs. The Villasenors 14. The Parras vs. Poker Pals 15. Team Trivia vs. Foodies 16. Middle School Besties vs. The Sci-Fi Gang 17. Line Dancers vs. Karate Team 18. Karaoke Kids vs. Professors 19. DJs vs. Teachers 20. Storytellers vs. The Licatas 21. Meditators vs. Camp Counselors 22. Dog Lovers vs. SUV Moms 23. Softballers vs. Movie Buffs 24. Quidditch Team vs. Soul Dancers 25. New Yorkers vs. The Southards 26. The Grifkas vs. Workout Buddies 27. The Titans vs. Dancing Divas 28. Carolers vs. Spicy Girls 29. Dueling Piano Players vs. Wine Tasters 30. Detroiters vs. Gym Rats 31. Nerds vs. Educators 32. Theme Partiers vs. Roomies 33. Fantasy Football League vs. Class of '98 34. Princess Leias vs. Gamers 35. Cooking Club vs. The Yanezes 36. The Alvords vs. Workout Buddies 37. Hot Rods vs. Cousins 38. Stylists vs. Bakers 39. College Buddies vs. Lake Crew 40. Artists vs. Singers 41. Fencing Friends vs. The Ihesiabas 42. College Crew vs. The Realtors 43. Lady Wrestlers vs. Faculty Lounge 44. Cloggers vs. Science Geeks 45. Girl Scout Leaders vs. The Washingtons 46. Musicians vs. Middle School Tutors 47. Yogis vs. Competitive Eaters 48. Soccer Moms vs. Shakespeare Club 49. Runners vs. The Romeros 50. Cyclists vs. High School Friends 51. The Neighbors vs. Fitness Friends 52. Team Dodgeball vs. Brunch Bunch 53. The Wedding Party vs. Delivery Drivers 54. The Faculty vs. Animal Rescuers 55. High School Besties vs. The Whites 56. Sorority Sisters vs. The Monteses 57. Mentors vs. School Moms 58. The Villaseniors vs. SUV Moms 59. Helpers vs. Theme Park Pals 60. Salon vs. Glampers 61. The Detroiters vs. The Preciados 62. The Waiters vs. Team Bunco 63. The Golden Girls vs. The Rappers 64. The Puzzle Pals vs. Karoake Kids

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America Says

In this family-friendly game show, two teams face off to guess Americans' responses to questions covering a variety of topics.

First Release: Jun 18, 2018

Duration: 25m

Quality: HD

Genres: Family

Actors: John Michael Higgins