America Says
All Episode in Season 3
1. Superfans vs. Football Moms 2. Dungeon Masters vs. Story Gang 3. Dance Mommas vs. Risk Players 4. Stroller Squad vs. Marine Scene 5. The Sands vs. Trendsetters 6. Weekend Hikers vs. Servers 7. Flight Attendants vs. Whiffle Ballers 8. Retail Rebels vs. Super Nerds 9. Diners' Club vs. Chesapeakers 10. Bride Tribe vs. Estate Squad 11. Museum Crew vs. Happy Campers 12. The Navarros vs. Team Harvard 13. Global Girls vs. Game Players 14. School Faculty vs. Karaoke Singers 15. Potluck Posse vs. Ex-Roomies 16. The McLains vs. Club Mom 17. The Montenegros vs. Helping Hands 18. Fun Foodies vs. Movie Lovers 19. Orcs & Ogres vs. The Canes 20. Cocktail Queens vs. Acts of Kindness 21. Protectors vs. Cycling Buddies 22. Team Spellbound vs. Karaoke Cool 23. Tennis Champs vs. Club Crawlers 24. College Pals vs. Neighbor Friends 25. Workout Warriors vs. Do-Gooders 26. The Travelers vs. Advocate Moms 27. Church Friends vs. Baseball Fans 28. Games With Friends vs. Hot to Trot 29. Apartment Crew vs. Zoo Workers 30. The Anands vs. Halloween Team 31. Trivia Masters vs. Carpoolers 32. Researchers vs. Convention Crew 33. Soccer Mothers vs. Single Ladies 34. The Stunt Crew vs. The Bells 35. Dance Moms vs. Band Buddies 36. Junk Foodies vs. Life Coaches 37. Beauty Shop vs. Veterans 38. Handbell Choir vs. Season Passers 39. Sassy Stewards vs. Baseball Fanatics 40. Fantasy Friends vs. Lifelong Besties 41. Domino Players vs. The McCollums 42. Poker Friends vs. Puppy Partiers 43. Crown Chasers vs. Friendly Fliers 44. Team Triathlon vs. The Nguyens 45. Fishing Family vs. Horse Racing Fans 46. Cousin Crew vs. Hospital Helpers 47. Archivists vs. High School Buds 48. Paint Partiers vs. Family Travelers 49. Crafty Crew vs. Parent Pals 50. Team Marines vs. Navy Wives 51. Soul Dancers vs. Law Students 52. Surf Moms vs. Team Happy Hour 53. Concert Lovers vs. Lifestyle Bloggers 54. Youth Ministry vs. The Divas 55. Caterers vs. Midwest Roomies 56. Block Partiers vs. Elementary Parents 57. Publishing House vs Volleyball Squad 58. Team Dinner Theater vs. The Hawkins 59. ER Nurses vs. Pediatric Nurses 60. Family Church vs. Canine Crew 61. Kingpins vs. Fair Fanatics 62. Entrepreneurs Club vs. Data Brigade 63. Zumba Girls vs. MMA Fighters 64. The Grahams vs. Dog Parents 65. Classroom Moms vs. Puppet People 66. Family Reunion vs. Taste of Italy 67. Soul Squad vs. Boot Camp Besties 68. The Grifkas vs. Church Bunch 69. Casino Crew vs. Cruise Club 70. Festival Workers vs. Prince Fans 71. The Flying Attendants vs. Church Gals 72. The Fleeks vs. The Canadians 73. All Women vs. The Book Club 74. Scuba Divers vs. Sewing Friends 75. Girls Trip vs. Debate Team 76. Tailgating Pals vs. Puppy Crew 77. School Pride vs. Kickballers 78. Cafe Workers vs. Seafood Lovers 79. Theater Helpers vs. The I Do Crew 80. Wisconsin Alums vs. StockroomCrew 81. Military Veterans vs. Terrific Teachers 82. Fashionistas vs. 911 Dispatchers 83. Family Gatherings vs. Open House 84. Team Jackpot vs. The Mixologists 85. Surgical Nurses vs. Team Collins 86. Gym Trainers vs. Poker Party 87. Baseball Dads vs. Travel Mates 88. Chicago Crew vs. Back to School 89. The Teaching Crew vs. Fun Teachers 90. The Dickersons vs. Ultimate Frisbee 91. Saddle Squad vs. Geek Gang 92. Cousins' Club vs. Work Friends 93. Church Elders vs. Marines 94. Baseball Family vs. Number Crunchers 95. Pet Protectors vs. Card Night 96. Scholar Squad vs. Church Committee 97. Gaming Bonanza vs. Lakeside Ladies 98. Flag Football League vs. Faith Friends 99. Cool Moms vs. Puppeteers 100. Band Pals vs. Business Buddies 101. Country Dancers vs. Team Hogans 102. Church Book Club vs. Cat Rescuers 103. Festival Buds vs. Team Touchdown 104. Women's Mystery vs. Vegan Crew 105. Grammar Girls vs. Family Partiers 106. The Boatrights vs. The Alley Cats 107. The Cat Cafe vs. Comic Book Nerds 108. Ministry Leaders vs. Moms 109. The Crocketts vs. The Women's Club 110. Sausage Stand vs. Blogging Beauties 111. Bunco Ladies vs. Poker Buds 112. Music Makers vs. Boogie Bunch 113. Wedding Pals vs. The Blancos 114. PTA Pals vs. Realty Friends 115. Saddle Girls vs. Science Students 116. The Mamaritas vs. Children's Theater 117. ICU Nurses vs. Cruisers 118. Military Ladies vs. Newborn Nurses 119. Craft Queens vs. Green Thumbers 120. Perfect Partners vs. Fair Friends 121. Trainers vs. Obstacle Racers 122. Armed Forces Family vs. The Teaching Team 123. The Shergs vs. Sports Parents 124. The Crescendos vs. Mariachi Ladies 125. Baking Bosses vs. Social Media Masters 126. Football Moms Club vs. BBQ Partiers 127. Board Game Buds vs. Bankers 128. Road Trippers vs. Property Managers 129. Beach Bums vs. Playdate Crew 130. Road Trippers vs. Property Managers 131. The Gutterballs vs. Gamer Gals 132. High School Teachers vs. Super Teachers 133. Dance Friends vs. Hat Ladies 134. The Hairstylists vs. Aloha Family 135. Karate Moms vs. Bartending Crew 136. The Rockers vs. Hippie Gals 137. Billiard Ladies vs. Book Buddies 138. Comic Book Crew vs. Soccer Support 139. The Mathletes vs. The Scientists 140. Pool Sharks vs. Concert Coworkers 141. The Weekend Crew vs. Book Club Gals 142. The Ohio Alums vs. The Firefighters 143. Fantasy Football Pals vs. Weekend Travelers 144. The Math Wizards vs. The Investment Firm 145. Antique Collectors vs. Campus Pastors 146. The Runners vs. The Navy 147. Art Lovers vs. Mom Squad 148. The Correias vs. The Preachers 149. Military Friends vs. Game Night Gals 150. Lady Leaders vs. Dads of Daughters 151. Fitness Crew vs. Rock Climbers 152. Lawn Bowlers vs. Poker Family 153. Puppy People vs. The Wine Lovers 154. Softball Squad vs. Ba Dunka Dunks 155. Restaurant Staff vs. Science Geeks 156. The Card Players vs. Mahjong Masters 157. The Starks vs. The Caregivers 158. The Bagpipers vs. Right-Swipers 159. Baseball Moms vs. The Eguns 160. Teacher Mentors vs. Midwest Charmers

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America Says

In this family-friendly game show, two teams face off to guess Americans' responses to questions covering a variety of topics.

First Release: Jun 18, 2018

Duration: 25m

Quality: HD

Genres: Family

Actors: John Michael Higgins